Hero Electric mired in negative reviews and complaints across the country

Mumbai: Battery-operated two wheeler maker Hero Electric has garnered a huge number of negative reviews about its bikes and even allegations of cheating. The company has received negative reviews for almost all its models on various consumer forum website like www.ConsumerComplaints.in and www.ComplaintBoard.in with the poor reviews running into dozens of pages on these websites. 

While many complaints pertain to battery not working within few days of purchase, the other pertain to bike not giving the average as promised by the company and poor build quality. On consumer forum website www.ConsumerComplaints.in, Hero Electric has got more than 17 pages full of negative reviews, each page having 25 complaints. Interestingly, not even 10% of them have been resolved, as per information available on the forum. 

Ram Dudani, a complainant on www.ConsumerComplaints.in from Mumbai, has alleged that his Hero Electric scooter stopped charging within three months of purchase and there is no after sales support from the dealer. 

Sonia, another complainant on www.ConsumerComplaints.in from Faridabad-Haryana has alleged that within few days of purchase, there was a fault n charging the batteries and even after getting the vehicle services, the fault has continued.

Akash Dubey, another complainant on www.ConsumerComplaints.in from Jaipur, has alleged that he has faced several problems with the battery within one year of purchase and when he went to the dealer for rectification, he was abused b y the dealer. He has alleged that he has been able to ride his scooter for just 3,000 kms and it has been 1.5 years that he purchased the electric vehicle of Hero Electric.

Almost the same is the case with another consumer forum www.ComplaintBoard.in where Hero Electric scooters have amassed a massive number of complaints. There are several pages of complaints against electric scooters of Hero, with each page having 10 entries. The complaints here also range from poor battery performance, the electric scooter not giving the average promised by the company and no or extremely poor after sales service by the company. 

Dr Vikramk Dev Sharma has alleged on www.ComplaintBoard.in that he bought A Hero Electric scooter in Jaunpur in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and has been facing battery issues from Day 1. He has changed the batteries three times and also changed some of the other spare parts by incurring huge expenses but the battery problem has gone up instead of getting resolved.    

Sukanta Mondal has alleged on www.ComplaintBoard.in on that he bought Hero Optima scooter in Kolkata and “Within One Month battery started draining and poor mileage”.

Abbas Khan from Tamil Nadu has alleged on www.ComplaintBoard.in that he bought Hero Optima Plus electric vehicle but the “batteries were too bad condition".

Melito Rodrigues from Goa has alleged on www.ComplaintBoard.in that the Hero dealership in Margoa suddenly closed down and he could not get his Hero Scooter serviced even though the company had promised free services for a specified time.

Then on www.Mouthshut.com, another consumer forum website, Barkish Bano from Tamil Nadu has alleged that she bought Hero Electric Nyx and the average promised by the company was 45 kms per charge but it was actually only 30-35kms. She has also alleged that Hero’s electric vehicle “quality is really bad. It does not have good quality of plastic. It's does not have road grip too. It's road grip is really bad.”.

Pydi from Vadodara in Gujarat has alleged on www.Mouthshut.com, that he has spent Rs 5,000 just for servicing the electric bike in three months of purchase. He has also alleged “The mileage of this bike is also very very less, the seat is not very comfortable it is like sitting on a bench and not on a sponge seat. The Suspension of this bike is also very bad”. 

 Recently Hero Electric Photon scooter caught fire in Odisha when the owner was charging it in the night. It is noteworthy that Odisha is a coastal state where the temperatures are lower ad compared to north Indian and the Hero Electric scooter caught fire in the night when it is cooler as compared to day time. After the incident of fire in Hero Electric scooter in Odisha, several people have started raising questions about the safety of Hero Electric scooters in relatively warmer places like north India and Hero electric vehicle fire can be more likely in places like North India.